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Shipping Policy

We Ship all our animals, FedEX Priority Overnight, or Airline Cargo. We use boxes specially designed for shipping live animals, boxes a lined with foam, and are able to keep the proper temperature during transport. Heat or cold pads are provided during shipping as requiered.

We can refuse to ship, if weather conditions are not favorable.

All live animal sales are final,

Live Arrival Guarantee

We guarantee live on our animals, shipped within the lower 48 states.

All DOA Claims are due the same day the animals are delivered, within 2 hours of receipt of animal. Claims are not valid after this time. For all DOA Claims pictures are required, with proof that the pictures are of the correct animal.

DOA Claims, are for a replacement animal, or credit for your next purchase.

Guarantee is void, if package not received in the first delivery attempt, 


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